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Labour laws under attack in Australia

In August 2012, the CFMEU was involved in a dispute with Australian builder GROCON when the company failed to provide adequate occupational health and safety on their jobs.GROCON had breached an agreement with the CFMEU to use union nominated and worker elected OHS representatives.  The CFMEU strongly believes that Union safety representatives have broad and irreplaceable experience on the risks and hazards in the industry, and they are answerable to the workers not to management.

Flemacon electronic Newsletter
 La Flemacon acaba de publicar este mes de marzo, abril y mayo 2013 su boletín electrónico número 09. Para consultar los números anteriores pulse en Publicaciones sindicales.

Latest edition (in Portuguese and Spanish only) of the electronic newsletter published by the Flemacon, and archives.

Dernier numéro (en portugais et en espagnol) du bulletin électronique publié par la Flemacon, et ses archives.
News on struggles and actions in Latin America

La Secretaría regional de la FSM para las Américas acaba de publicar este 3 de mayo 2013 su boletín electrónico número
277 . Para consultar los números anteriores pulse en Publicaciones sindicales .

Latest edition (in Spanish only) of the weekly electronic newsletter published by the WFTU regional office for the Americas, and archives.

Dernier numéro (en espagnol) du bulletin électronique publié par le Secrétariat régional de la FSM pour les Amériques, et ses archives.


2013 V 1 – 1rst of May : UITBB message
The people say no to their future being robbed

The TRADES UNION INTERNATIONAL OF WORKERS IN CONSTRUCTION, WOOD AND BUILDING MATERIALS INDUSTRIES – UITBB, affiliated to the WFTU, conveys militant greetings to all its members and workers in general, on the occasion of the International Labour Day - 1st May.
This year Labour Day is marked by a particularly difficult situation for the working class of the whole world, confronted with the consequences of economic crisis,  notably in the core countries of the capitalist economy. Despite the many difficulties faced by workers, such as the sky-rocking level of unemployment, destruction of stable and permanent jobs, brutal wage cuts and abolition of social, economic and political rights acquired as a result of heroic working class struggles, workers and oppressed people have embarked on resolute struggle to resist the attacks of the capitalist system. The workers must not pay for this crisis of the capitalist system. We all must oppose the proposed so-called solution to the crisis through the so-called "fiscal balance", a “solution”, which caters exclusively for the class interests of the bankers, of the monopolies and of the governments in their service.

2013 IV 6-13 - Portugal: March against impoverishment

At the initiative of the Central Organization of Trade Unions of Portugal CGTP a nationwide march against impoverishment took place from April 6 to 13 . It stopped in 42 cities for rallies and meetings during which hundreds of thousands of workers, youth, unemployed, pensioners forcefully expressed their rejection of the so-called austerity policy imposed by the government on the orders of the Troika and demanded a change of policy and of government.

2013 IV 08 - Peru: 160 000 constructors marching for collective bargaining amid a wave of murders
Mario Huaman addressing a gathering of constructors on the 4th of April 2013

Mario Huamán Rivera, General Secretary, and Luis Villanueva Carbajal, Secretary of Organisation, have told us that the Executive Secretariat of the Federation of Construction Workers of Peru, FTCCP conveyed thanks for the solidarity expressed by the UITBB on the occasion of their Action Day of  the 4th of April 2013, which resulted in a national mobilization with the participation of 153 regional unions affiliated to the FTCCP, mobilizing more than 160,000 workers from the construction industry at national level. (Peruvian population: almost 30 million inhabitants).

2013 III 28 - Pancyprian people's mobilisation against the bail-out package

PEO calls on the working people to take part in mass numbers in the pancyprian people's mobilisation organised by the Citizens Movement against privatisations and austerity policies on Wednesday 27th March 2013 6.00 p.m. outside the Presidential Palace. This will be preceded by mass rally that will be held outside the Offices of the EU and subsequently a demonstration will march towards the Presidential Palace.
PEO reiterates its position that the agreement of the Government with the Troika and the Eurogroup is unacceptable and leads to the vicious shrinking of the Cyprus economy, the dramatic increase in unemployment and the severe damaging of the people's living standards.

2013 III 20 - Portuguese glass workers defend their jobs

Pedro Manuel Pereira Milheiro, member of the Secretariat of the UITBB informs us that the workers of Saint-Gobain Sekurit PORTUGAL, SA, multinational where he works, went on strike on 5th, 6th, 13th and 14th of March 2013, to fight against the collective dismissal of 50 workers and in defense of collective bargaining.
The fight shall continue with street demonstrations. Almost 100% of the factory workers (total: 206) adhere to the labour action.
2013 III 8 -Togo observed the Day for Women's Rights


Women employees of the construction company CECO-BTP and their union SYNTRAGAVO marked the International Women’s Day
On March 8, in Togo, the Women's Committee of the Union SYNTRAGAVO in collaboration with the Women’s Group of the construction company CECO-BTP marked this day in the presence of company officials and of comrade Colette KOUANKEM MBOGNE, Chair of the Women’s Committee of the Forestry Workers Union FENSYTEFCAM from Cameroon who was on a working visit in Lome, Togo, in the context of an exchange programme between trade unions.

2013 III 8 - President Hugo Chavez in memoriam
UITBB pays tribute to the Memory of Hugo Chavez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.


Upon the passing away of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, the UITBB expresses its deep-felt condolences and solidarity with his family, the people, the government and the trade union movement of Venezuela, particularly the National United Federation of Bolivarian Construction Workers, and with all social and political forces that are part of the Venezuelan process of liberation and progress that President Chavez led until the last minute of his life.
The UITBB honors a democrat and revolutionary, who did not hesitate to defend the most vulnerable and exploited, the ordinary people of his country, against those who defend the model of extreme capitalist exploitation of workers.