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Solidarity with the Cuban Five

The member of UITBB Secretariat Pedro Manuel Pereira Milheiro  (in red), delivering a solidarity message from FEVICCOM and UITBB to Rene Gonzalez, the first released of the Cuban Five (in black) .

2014 08 07 Palestina Livre! Fim à agressão! Fim à ocupação!

Lisboa, quinta-feira 7 de Agosto de 2014
A FEVICCOM está solidária com a justa luta do povo palestino contra a agressão e ocupação imperialista israelita, nomeadamente contra os bombardeamentos durante o último mês à Faixa de Gaza. A FEVICCOM denúncia o vergonhoso silêncio e não condenação por parte do governo português de mais este massacre.
A FEVICCOM exige o fim da agressão e ocupação do território palestino, o fim dos colonatos israelitas e a existência de um Estado palestiniano livre, independente e soberano com as fronteiras de 1967.

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Trades Union International of Workers in Building, Wood, Building Materials and Allied Industries (UITBB) Secretariat highly condemns the US backed Israeli strike on Gaza Strip, Palestine, under the name of "operation Protective Edge" by Israel. UITBB demands an immediate cease-fire. UITBB states that for the last seven days, the densely populated Gaza strip has been subjected to bombardment from air and sea. Israeli Armed Forces have also started ground attacks. Till date more than 200 people have been killed including innocent civilians, children, women, as the missiles have targeted residential areas. There can be no justification for this blatant aggression, which is in contravention of all established international laws.

TOGO : SYNTRAGAVO sensibilise à la SST à l’occasion de la Journée internationale de l’OIT

Le 24 mai 2014, le Syndicat National des Travaux Publics Garages Administratifs et Voiries du Togo (SYNTRAGAVO) a effectué une visite de chantier à Lomé dans le cadre de la journée Internationale du 28 avril concernant l’Hygiène, la Santé et la Sécurité sur le lieu du Travail (SST).
Le site du chantier est situé à Lomé dans le quartier Amadahomé. L’ouvrage en construction est la maison des jeunes et est exécuté par l’Entreprise Nouvelle de Technologie (E.N.T.)

2014 05 20 Turkey coal gaz explosion: priority of OHS over profit NOW!
The Secretariat of the Trades Union International of Workers in the Construction, Wood and Building Materials Industries UITBB expresses its consternation at the news of the tragedy that took the lives of over 300 mineworkers and injured many more after a coal mine explosion in Soma, Turkey, about 250 km south of Istanbul owned by Soma Komur Isletmeleri AS on May 13th, 2014.
The UITBB Secretariat expresses its heartfelt solidarity and sincere condolences to the bereft families, to the workers and their unions, who are the primary victims of this terrible accident.

Flemacon electronic Newsletter
 La Flemacon acaba de publicar este mes de febrero, marzo y abril 2014 su boletín electrónico número 12 Para consultar los números anteriores pulse en Publicaciones sindicales.

Latest edition (in Portuguese and Spanish only) of the electronic newsletter published by the Flemacon, and archives.

Dernier numéro (en portugais et en espagnol) du bulletin électronique publié par la Flemacon, et ses archives.
Labour Day 2014 in Pakistan
Pirzada Imtiaz Syed, General Secretary of APFUTU and Labour Unity Alliance Pakistan www.labourunity.org informed us that rallies were organized on Labour Day to demand from the government:
1.    Minimum wages of Pak Rupee 25000/- per month (=180 euros or 250 US dollars);
2.    Controls on basic commodities price hikes and an immediate reduction of those prices (a 10% reduction has been granted by the government);
3.    Provision of electricity and gas guaranteed to citizens as well as industries, as shortages are worsening unemployment;
4.    Imposition of ban on labour provider sub-contractors and regular employment for all contract workers.

Labour laws under attack in Australia

In August 2012, the CFMEU was involved in a dispute with Australian builder GROCON when the company failed to provide adequate occupational health and safety on their jobs.GROCON had breached an agreement with the CFMEU to use union nominated and worker elected OHS representatives.  The CFMEU strongly believes that Union safety representatives have broad and irreplaceable experience on the risks and hazards in the industry, and they are answerable to the workers not to management.

News on struggles and actions in Latin America

La Secretaría regional de la FSM para las Américas acaba de publicar este 3 de mayo 2013 su boletín electrónico número
277 . Para consultar los números anteriores pulse en Publicaciones sindicales .

Latest edition (in Spanish only) of the weekly electronic newsletter published by the WFTU regional office for the Americas, and archives.

Dernier numéro (en espagnol) du bulletin électronique publié par le Secrétariat régional de la FSM pour les Amériques, et ses archives.


2013 V 1 – 1rst of May : UITBB message
The people say no to their future being robbed

The TRADES UNION INTERNATIONAL OF WORKERS IN CONSTRUCTION, WOOD AND BUILDING MATERIALS INDUSTRIES – UITBB, affiliated to the WFTU, conveys militant greetings to all its members and workers in general, on the occasion of the International Labour Day - 1st May.
This year Labour Day is marked by a particularly difficult situation for the working class of the whole world, confronted with the consequences of economic crisis,  notably in the core countries of the capitalist economy. Despite the many difficulties faced by workers, such as the sky-rocking level of unemployment, destruction of stable and permanent jobs, brutal wage cuts and abolition of social, economic and political rights acquired as a result of heroic working class struggles, workers and oppressed people have embarked on resolute struggle to resist the attacks of the capitalist system. The workers must not pay for this crisis of the capitalist system. We all must oppose the proposed so-called solution to the crisis through the so-called "fiscal balance", a “solution”, which caters exclusively for the class interests of the bankers, of the monopolies and of the governments in their service.